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EnviroShield Coatings

√ Reduce Water Vapor Transfer (WVT),
√ Remediate and Prevent Mold, and
√ Encapsulate Creosote

How Do EnviroShield Coatings Work?

They protect the surfaces of your home or business by creating a strong and durable bond with most substrates.

Though EnviroShield Coatings are water-based, they do not ‘dry’, they instead chemically cross-link. This process creates a dense, hard coating that powerfully binds to most substrate materials. EnviroShield coatings are also designed to breathe: allowing a very slow release of back pressure thus assuring a steadfast bond to the coated material.

The key to the efficacy of EnviroShield products is simply the incredibly strong but breathable bond between EnviroShield coatings and common substrates like wood, concrete and stone.

In simple words: EnviroShield Coatings Stick.

What are EnviroShield Products?

EnviroShield products are safe, water-based, low odor, low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) coatings. They are available in custom colors and sheens.

Can EnviroShield Coatings Significantly Lower Water Vapor Transfer?

Yes, because EnviroShield Coatings can breathe (paints, varnishes, shellacs do not breathe) back pressure from water vapor transfer is slowly released … slow enough so that the surface stays dry but efficiently enough to SIGNIFICANTLY lower WVT. WVT reductions of 10 lbs. per square inch are routine! Reductions of that magnitude will ensure that products like VCT tiles, wood and laminated floors will stick, stay dry and mold free.

Why is Mold Growing?

Moisture ………. Moisture is the villain in the mold story. Mold is particularly problematic in basements, bathrooms, attics, and kitchens; any areas that see a lot of moisture. Mold grows in these spaces because it thrives on the same things we do: food, water, oxygen, and moderate temperatures. Three of these are nearly impossible to control because we need oxygen and comfortable temperatures in our homes and mold will eat just about anything. The only controllable variable is moisture. While we need water to survive, as well; we don’t need it on our floors, walls, or ceilings.

How Does EnviroShield Prevent Mold ?

Unlike many other mold prevention products on the market, EnviroShield coatings don’t just kill visible mold and leave behind an anti-fungal residue that will eventually wear or wash away. Instead EnviroShield coatings form a permanent hard bond with surfaces. They won’t blow or flake off like paint …This is particularly problematic in basements because concrete is porous, allowing pressurized ground water to seep through concrete and blow off ordinary coatings, releasing moisture into otherwise dry basements. This phenomenon is referred to as Water Vapor Transfer (WVT).

WVT pressures in excess of three lbs. per square inch can push paint off of concrete surfaces, resulting in a moldy, ugly mess … think soggy weak cardboard covered with furry dirt … ever wonder how they got wet. Think of ugly rust stains from tools left on concrete floors, again where did the water come from?

EnviroShield coatings have resisted water vapor transfer rates in excess of 15 lbs. per sq. inch – most paints/coatings will fail at 4 to 5 lbs. per square inch.

As for mold created by surface water, think leaky pipes, because EnviroShield coatings are so hard molds do not penetrate the surface and can be easily cleaned away.

Creosote Encapsulation

In addition to providing mold control, EnviroShield has proven effective at creosote encapsulation. Creosote is a smelly tar-like substance, often used as a wood preservative for railroad cross ties, telephone poles, power line poles, dock pilings, floor joists, sheathing, and posts.

EnviroShield coatings are an effective encapsulant for creosote-soaked timbers and cement because, again, they stick. EnviroShield’s bonding properties allow it to adhere to the creosote providing safe and effective creosote odor control and block toxic creosote off-gassing.

Using EnviroShield

EnviroShield coatings are safe and easy to use in any room of your house where mold testing might find a mold infestation, usually kitchens, attics, basements, and bathrooms. EnviroShield Coatings can be applied to most common porous surfaces, such as wood, concrete, cement, and drywall. EnviroShield coatings can be mixed in custom colors and finishes and can be easily applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer.

Feel free to explore our site to learn more about mold, mold prevention, creosote encapsulation F.A.Q., or to contact us directly for more information or to place an order.


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