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Why are EnviroShield products the ONLY DEFINITIVE solution to mold and creosote problems?

For Creosote Odor Removal, Reduction of Harmful Creosote Emissions & Mold Remediation that Lasts, Turn to EnviroShield

If you’re looking for effective creosote odor removal or mold remediation products, you’re probably anxious to find a solution to the problems these noxious elements present in your home or business. After all, the presence of creosote or mold can create more than a smelly, unsightly nuisance – it can pose significant health hazards as well. That’s why EnviroShield has developed exclusive formulas for specialized coatings that can get rid of the troublesome effects of these unwanted elements for good. Our water-based products are safe and can be applied to almost any surface by homeowners, a contractor of their choice, or one of our Approved Applicators for successful encapsulation of creosote or mold.

The removal of creosote odor has long been a challenge for homeowners who discover they are living in a home that was treated with creosote. This odor, typically described as a pungent, mothball smell of naphthalene, is frequently the reason homeowners start searching for a remedy to the creosote in their home. But exposure to coal tar creosote, widely used in the United States as a wood preservative, can have harmful health effects as well. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers it to be a carcinogen, and creosote-related emissions have been linked to headaches, nausea, and respiratory ailments.

Fortunately, EnviroShield has developed a proprietary creosote remediation coating that addresses both the chemical’s smell and its potential health effects by dramatically reducing toxic off-gassing from creosote-treated wood. Our exclusive CreoShield™ coating works to encapsulate the creosote, effectively eliminating the odor and reducing the emissions. It’s formulated to stick to the application surface, even in damp conditions. It’s also easy to apply and available in a wide variety of colors, including clear, so you can choose one that will blend with your existing décor.

For more information about this highly effective creosote remediation and odor removal product for your home or business, contact EnviroShield today.


Creosote Odor Removal
Mold Remediation

EnviroShield’s Mold Remediation Coating Offers a Solution for Mold Abatement that Lasts

For mold remediation, you’ll want our innovative Enviro-MT™ coating. Unlike other approaches to mold abatement, this product not only kills mold as soon as it’s applied, but also prevents future mold growth. The coating is easily applied to concrete, drywall, and wood, and our proprietary formula makes it stick, even in the kind of moist conditions that typically fuel the return of mold. This innovative approach to mold cleanup is more effective than typical antifungal applications that wear off, and it’s far less costly than tearing out and replacing your drywall or flooring.

Like our creosote remediation product, Enviro-MT™ is formulated to stick to almost any application surface, even when moisture is present. It’s also available in just about any color you can think of, including clear, which makes it easy to blend with your walls or flooring. What’s more, when the product is applied by one of our trusted applicators, your investment will come with a fully transferable, 10-year warranty that offers REAL protection, unlike our competitors.

Contact EnviroShield today to find out how our warranty and products are your definitive solution to mold. Contractors who are interested in becoming Approved Applicators of EnviroShield coatings are encouraged to contact us as well.

The day after you came to our house and applied the first coat, my wife and I noticed the smell to be gone. We had a company give us a price on fiberglass panels costing $45,000.00 and they would not guarantee against mold or odor. My family and I can now go into the basement without becoming ill and have…
Gregory P. Centeio II
Within the past few years we’ve finished our basement and added a bedroom and den and workshop and have absolutely no problem with mold. I can’t believe it ten years later and EnviroShield just keeps on ticking!
Ralph DePillo
I am asthmatic and extremely allergic to mold! Recently, I had to vacate my previous office space because of a severe mold infestation … Enviro-MT got rid of the mold and odor. But the best part was EnviroShield stopped any moisture from seeping through the foundation. I am now adding a workshop, bathroom and family room to previously wasted space.
Paul Jodice
I had the basement treated with EnviroShield and overnight, it eliminated the dampness and the smell of mold.
Ann Montgomery
Well, after several hours the water was pumped out. The water had sat on my EnviroShield coated basement floor for several hours; I thought for sure your coating would simply be a mess. To my surprise, my floor was perfect – like the day you applied the EnviroShield!!!!!!!!! No bubbling! No flaking! No discoloration! No odor! No mold! I know…
Sandy Lowry
The rains came and went. The mold never re-surfaced. I felt confident enough to rebuild my basement for the third time. Now more than a year has passed, a wet year, one of the wettest recorded in local history and the walls are dry and there is absolutely no mold or odor and the dehumidifier that used to run relentlessly,…
Dom Cucinotta
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Let's Talk Mold & Creosote
Let's Talk Mold & Creosote