Controlling WVT with EnviroShield

How EnviroShield works to reduce WVT: EnviroShield is a water–based product the works with moisture already in the substrate: EnviroShield follows moisture into the substrate where it chemically cross-links and hardens via an exothermic reaction.  It does not NEED to not dry like paints.  The below surface reaction cause EnviroShield to bind itself to the substrate … not just coating it.

Because EnviroShield is a water-based product, it can be applied to a damp surface – saving the applicator hours, days and even weeks of drying time and effort. 

Basement Moisture

Moisture from Basement Slab / Wall Seam

It can also be used in areas that seem to be always damp … like seam between a basment floor slab and wall.

EnviroShield breathes slowly releasing hydrostatic pressure.

EnviroShield significantly reduces Water Vapor Transfer. 

The calcium chloride vapor emission test was developed over 40 years ago to quantify the volume of water vapor radiating from a concrete slab surface over time. This test is directly specified by the vast majority of the Floor Covering Industry as the primary measure of moisture acceptability for floor covering installation (See Manufactures’ Warranty Limits tab)

Use this test to model the amount of moisture that emits from 1,000 square feet of slab surface in 24 hours. The result is expressed as “pounds” which is the equivalent weight of water, emitted as vapor, over 1,000 square feet in 24 hours.


VCT Failure – Lifting Tile

Varying field conditions in temperature, humidity, substrate materials and condition, all are factors to consider.  After applying EnviroShield, you should experience an 80% to 95 % reduction in water vapor transfer, i.e. if you start with 10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.  in 24 hours, after applying EnviroShield it’s common to measure just .5 to 2 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. in 24 hours.

Well within the specifications of all floor manufactures for applying their products (See Manufactures’ Warranty Limits tab)

Reasons to use EnviroShield for water vapor control:

    • It’s proven to work
    • Fast
    • Can be applied to damp surfaces
    • Ease of application:  Simply roll, brush or spray EnviroShield. 
    • Safe:  Environmentally friendly, water-based, low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
    • Strong mechanical bond to Concrete – will not separate.
    • Perfect base for Vinyl Tile (VCT), ceramic and porcelain tile, all paints and carpeting too.
    • Eliminate hard to use plastic barriers
    • Eliminate expensive floor prep treatments
    • Easy cleanup
    • Inexpensive