The Benefits of EnviroShield’s Creosote Remediation Coating Go Beyond Removing Creosote Odor

Homeowners typically search for a creosote remediation solution because they want to get rid of the obnoxious odor given off by creosote-treated wood. If you’ve noticed an unpleasant smell similar to mothballs coming from the wood used to build your home or commercial building, there’s a good chance that it was treated with creosote to protect the wood from moisture and insects. Creosote is a mixture of oil and tar that has been widely used to treat the pilings under waterfront buildings, as well as railroad ties, utility poles, and other wood products that sometimes end up as construction materials for homes or businesses.

The objectionable smell alone is a great reason to seek a long-lasting, effective solution to the problem. However, eliminating the smell is only one of the important benefits provided by CreoShield™, a creosote remediation coating available exclusively from EnviroShield. It’s also important to reduce the emissions from creosote-treated wood for health reasons. People exposed to creosote emissions have reported rashes and respiratory ailments, and some experts list creosote as a carcinogenic. Protecting your family or employees from these potential adverse effects is another reason you’ll want a reliable creosote remediation product.



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A Creosote Remediation Coating from EnviroShield Is All You Need for a Lasting Solution to the Threats Posed by Creosote Emissions

In the past, the only creosote remediation solution available involved the arduous task of scraping away the creosote paint and sanding the wood, followed by applying shellac to the surface. This method takes a lot of time and doesn’t always eliminate the creosote odor.

Fortunately, our CreoShield™ coating offers an easier and more effective way to eliminate creosote odors and dramatically reduce the potentially harmful fumes that emanate from creosote-treated wood. A property owner or one of our Approved Applicators just needs to apply our proprietary CreoShield™ coating to encapsulate the creosote fumes. This creosote remediation product, available exclusively from EnviroShield, provides the following advantages:

  • It provides long-lasting encapsulation of foul-smelling and potentially harmful creosote emissions.
  • It’s easy to apply and competitively priced.
  • It sticks to nearly any application surface, damp or dry.
  • It deters moisture, which discourages insect infestations.
  • It’s available as a clear coating or in just about any color in the spectrum, which means you won’t have any trouble matching the existing décor of your home or business.

To learn more about this innovative creosote remediation solution for your home or business, contact EnviroShield today. We also welcome inquiries from contractors who are interested in becoming Approved Applicators.