A Superior Product

Fortunately there are lots of products on the market to eliminate mold

Do they really kill mold?
Yes, most will kill mold.

Are some easier to apply than others?
No, most products can be rolled, brushed, or sprayed.

Will they stop new mold growth?
Yes, as long as the anti-microbial agent is present , then new mold growth will be controlled.

Are some much more expensive?
Most anti-mold products seem to be in the same ball park cost-wise.

Are they all safe?
Some are, some aren’t!

So why do I want to use EnviroShield? Let’s review those same questions

Does EnviroShield™ kill mold? Yes, like most “mold” products EnviroShield™ will kill mold, but then again so will common products like bleach and vinegar. The important question is: Will mold return? In this regard, EnviroShield is the BEST solution. EnviroShield’s™ superior adhesion, encapsulation, and water vapor control properties simply outclass the competition.

Is EnviroShield ™ easy to apply? Yes, but the work and heavy costs are primarily in the prep work, so How difficult is the Prep work? Here, EnviroShield is the superior product! A simple cleaning/power-wash is usually the only prep work needed for EnviroShield™. Plus EnviroShield™ can be applied over a damp surface—actually, for concrete and cement applications, it’s best when applied over a damp surface.

Will EnviroShield™ stop new mold growth? Yes, and in this regard EnviroShield ™ is the far superior product. EnviroShield can breathe, that means the anti-microbial agent will not leach. EnviroShield ™ will be working long after competitor’s products have quit.

Is EnviroShield™ more expensive? Not much difference in product costs, but in all other costs, EnviroShield kills the competition again:

Since the prep work is easier and faster, application costs are reduced;
And the biggest cost savings are in the durability of EnviroShield™. Simply put: Do you want to do the job once with
EnviroShield or repeatedly with competitors’ products?

Is EnviroShield™ safe? Yes! There are no hazardous chemicals in EnviroShield™ and very low VOC emissions.