CreoShield™ – For No-Fuss Creosote Odor Removal & Dramatically Reduced Creosote Emissions

For years, creosote odor removal has been a challenge for home and business owners who find themselves dealing with the acrid, unpleasant smell and carcinogenic off-gassing of creosote-treated wood. CreoShield™, a coating available exclusively from EnviroShield, can offer a lasting solution. Our product can be applied to a surface that has been treated with creosote to encapsulate the chemical concoction, thereby eliminating its offensive odor and reducing the toxic fumes to safe levels.

To understand the benefits of CreoShield™, it may help to know what creosote is and why it can be a problem. It’s a mixture of oil and tar that has been widely used to protect wood from decay related to moisture and insects in utility poles, dock pilings, railroad ties, and more. For example, people who have waterfront homes built on creosote-treated pilings to avoid the threat of flooding may notice an objectionable tar-like smell, and thus they look for a remedy focused on removal of the creosote odor.

However, there are other reasons to be concerned. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has identified creosote as a cancer-causing substance, and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry lists several adverse health effects that have been linked to human exposure to creosote emissions, such as respiratory ailments and rashes.

In the past, the only option for creosote odor removal was time-consuming, labor-intensive scraping away of the creosote coating, followed by sanding the wood surface and applying shellac. Even then, the treatment would not eliminate the smell. Today, a much easier and more effective solution is available: CreoShield™.

Creosote Odor Removal

A Time-Saving Creosote Odor Removal Solution Available Only from EnviroShield

For creosote odor removal and the dramatic reduction of the harmful vapors that emanate from creosote-treated wood, the best solution is CreoShield™, an easy-application coating that’s available only from EnviroShield. A property owner or one of our Approved Applicators needs only to complete a quick prep of the area and then spray or paint on CreoShield™ for long-lasting encapsulation of the offensive odor and significant reduction of creosote emissions.

Our proprietary formula:

  • Ensures a coating that will stick to the application surface, even in moist conditions.
  • Deters insect infestations.
  • Can be tinted in nearly any color – even clear – to match or enhance the existing look of a given home or business.

If you’re a property owner who would like to find out more about how you can achieve creosote odor removal and the reduction of harmful creosote emissions with CreoShield™, contact EnviroShield today. We also encourage contractors interested in becoming an Approved Applicator to get in touch with us for further information.