Enviro-MT™: A Mold Remediation Coating That’s Effective for Your Home and Your Wallet

If you’re on the hunt for a mold remediation solution that will banish those smelly, unsightly spores for good without draining your bank account, consider the proprietary Enviro-MT™ coating from EnviroShield. Mold cleanup can be an expensive and lengthy undertaking, particularly if the task involves tearing out and replacing walls and floors that were soaked from flooding, prolonged exposure to high levels of humidity, or a slow water leak that went undetected for some time.

Our exclusive Enviro-MT™ coating is a product that can be applied to nearly any surface affected by mold, even if the surface is damp, encapsulating the existing mold colony. Unlike the temporary eradication offered by bleach solutions and other topical fungal treatments, which may kill mold but don’t offer protection against later growth, our coating prevents future mold development as well. That means you can achieve and sustain mold remediation with considerably less hassle and expense, even in moist environments like basements, which tend to foster repeated mold outbreaks.

EnviroShield’s Mold Remediation Product Offers Numerous Benefits over Other Options

Unlike many mold remediation products and techniques, Enviro-MT™ offers speedy, lasting results without the need for ripping out and replacing drywall or flooring to tackle the problem. In fact, EnviroShield’s Enviro-MT™ coating provides many advantages over the other solutions, such as:

  • Quick and easy application – The coating can be applied to just about any surface, even areas that tend to remain damp, often in just a day or two.
  • Lasting protection – Our coating will not only kill the mold that’s present during application, but it will prevent future growth.
  • Color customization – With an enormous range of colors and three sheens available, our coating’s appearance can be tailored to match any surface it’s applied to.
  • Peace of mind – Unlike other companies offering mold remediation solutions, EnviroShield provides a transferable 10-year warranty against the return of mold on surfaces treated with our Enviro-MT™ coating when it’s applied by one of our approved Applicators.

For more information about how you can get this innovative, long-lasting mold remediation solution for your home or business, contact EnviroShield today. We’re also happy to talk to contractors who are interested in becoming one of our Approved Applicators.

“a silent danger may already be growing in your home ”