Benefits of EnviroShield

  • Eliminates mold re-growth even if moisture is present
  • Low per square foot material costs
  • Low application costs … coat your sheetrock walls … don’t tear them down!!!!!!!!

✓Completely water-based technology: The water base of Enviro-MT allows the resin/catalyst system to bind with water in the substrate thereby becoming part of the substrate;

✓EnviroShield™ can be applied to a wet surface;

✓Moisture Tolerant/Breathable

  • 50 to 75% Water Vapor Transmission (WVT) reduction, up to 12 lbs;
  • Tolerant to 24 pounds WVT;

✓SAFE—Virtually no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds);
✓Low Odor;
✓Wide Range of Colors; and
✓Easy Clean-up.

Mold Remediation

EnviroShield Stops Mold Two Ways:

  1. Contains an effective and safe non-leaching ant-fungal; and

  2. Reduces water vapor transfer (WVT)

Mold spores are hardened containers, which possess all the DNA instructions needed to create new mold creatures, aerial eggs as it were. If they bump into dry walls they just rebound and go back to floating, but when they bump into wet walls they stick.

Out of the broken open shell a single creature’s body appears, which grows a groping arm , a leathery hypha, albino and clear, and then from that hypha grows another, and another, and then many, many others more.

These hyphae are used by molds to obtain nourishment.

For some species it is the sulfur grains in concrete that are sought, in others it’s the metals in paint, or the glue in wallpaper, or even, for one especially abundant species, found at some time in almost every house in northern temperate climates, it will be the actual antibiotic poisons that the wood they land on produces which they slurp up and use as food.

The hyphae excrete enzymes that break down complex organic materials. All over your house these freshly appearing mold creatures will plug into the walls via their hyphae.