What to Do If You Discover Creosote-Treated Lumber in Your Miami Home or Workplace

It’s a somewhat unusual problem that often takes property owners by surprise – the discovery that creosote-treated lumber has wound up in their home or workplace. Creosote is a chemical preservative that’s commonly applied to outdoor timbers such as utility poles, railroad ties, and dock supports to prevent wood rot and insect infestations. Its use is especially prevalent in places like Miami and other coastal Florida communities. Although creosote-treated wood is not intended for use in buildings occupied by people and pets, it is sometimes recycled for construction by property owners who want to save on building costs, help conserve natural resources, or enjoy a rustic look for their home or office.

Generally speaking, the first tipoff that creosote-treated lumber is present in a home or workplace is a pervasive chemical smell that some people describe as similar to the odor of mothballs. This obnoxious odor typically prompts the property owner to dive into research, looking for an efficient way to get rid of it. And that’s when they discover they probably have a bigger problem on their hands.

The Harmful Effects of Exposure to Creosote-Treated Lumber

Unfortunately, wood that’s been treated with creosote can give off emissions for decades. Experts say human occupancy of buildings that contain this wood can lead to:

  • Breathing problems
  • Skin rashes and blistering
  • Eye damage, sometimes permanent

Government agencies also list ongoing creosote exposure as a probable carcinogen.

EnviroShield Has the Best Solution

In the past, the only remedy available to property owners was the painstaking scraping, sanding, and refinishing of the troublesome creosote-treated lumber. This approach is not only time-consuming and disruptive, but it often isn’t effective and the odors persist. Plus, this method puts the laborer at increased risk for the harmful effects of creosote exposure.

Fortunately, EnviroShield has a better way: CreoShield™. This innovative coating, available exclusively from our company, can effectively eliminate creosote odors and reduce emissions to levels that are safe for human exposure in as little as a day or two.

We’ll be happy to tell you more about the advantages of using CreoShield™ to solve the problems caused by creosote-treated lumber in your Miami home or office. Contact EnviroShield today to learn more.