An Effective Creosote Odor Removal Method for Your Home or Workplace in Atlantic City, NJ

Removal of creosote odor typically becomes a high priority for property owners when a pungent smell begins to pervade their homes or workplaces. This stench, often described as similar to that of mothballs, is a telltale sign that creosote-treated wood has made its way into your office or dwelling in the Atlantic City, New Jersey, area. Creosote is one of the most widely used wood preservatives in the United States, and it’s commonly found in utility poles, pier or dock supports, and railroad ties, all of which are sometimes recycled for use in buildings inhabited by humans.

Unfortunately, creosote odor removal, though a daunting task in itself, is not your primary concern when you discover creosote-treated wood in your Atlantic City home or office. Wood that’s treated with this preservative can emit fumes for decades, and those emissions can cause health problems that include skin rashes, respiratory ailments, and eye irritations. Moreover, many experts say exposure to creosote emissions puts people at risk for cancer.

In the past, removal of creosote odor was achieved only by painstakingly scraping away the creosote from the top layers of the treated wood and then sanding and refinishing the surface. Even with this labor-intensive treatment, the results were only partially effective at best, and the wood would continue to emit an unpleasant smell and potentially harmful vapors.

Now there’s an easier and more effective way to get rid of creosote odor and dramatically reduce the emissions: CreoShield™. This innovative coating, available only from EnviroShield, will:

  • Encapsulate the creosote-treated area so that the smell is eliminated and the fumes are reduced to levels that are safe for human exposure
  • Cover the affected area with little need for preparation – only a power wash is required before application
  • Blend with your existing décor because it’s available as a clear coating or almost any color you can name

To learn more about this effective and convenient approach to creosote odor removal, contact EnviroShield today. We proudly serve property owners in Atlantic City, NJ, and the surrounding area.