What’s that Awful Smell? Banish It, with This Creosote Odor Removal Product for Your Charleston, SC, Home or Office

The search for an effective creosote odor removal solution can be daunting for property owners in Charleston, South Carolina, who discover that their homes or offices were built with creosote-treated wood. Creosote is a chemical mixture of oil and tar that has been widely used as a wood preservative, often for utility poles, pier pilings, and sometimes the supports of elevated buildings in flood-prone areas. The offensive smell of creosote, often described as similar to the odor of mothballs, may be the first clue that a building contains construction materials that were treated with this preservative.

The removal of creosote odor has traditionally involved many hours of scraping and sanding the creosote-treated wood and then applying shellac to the affected surface. Even after those labor-intensive efforts, the smell often lingered. Now there’s a better and more effective approach to eliminating creosote odor: CreoShield™. This innovative coating available exclusively from EnviroShield is the creosote odor removal solution you’ve been looking for to banish the stench of creosote vapors in your Charleston, SC, home or office for good.

Some of the features that make CreoShield™ the creosote remediation method of choice are:

  • Easy application – The only surface preparation needed is a power-washing, and then the coating can be sprayed or painted on.
  • Durability – Unlike paint or shellac, CreoSheld™ resists flaking and peeling, even in damp areas.
  • Encapsulation of creosote emissions – The vapors rising from a creosote-treated area can actually cause bigger problems than unpleasant odors. Health experts have found that ongoing exposure to creosote fumes can cause adverse respiratory conditions, rashes, and potentially even cancer. The application of CreoShield™ can dramatically reduce creosote emissions to levels that are safe for human health.

For more information about the advantages of using CreoShield™ for the removal of creosote odor from your property in Charleston, SC, or one of the surrounding communities, contact EnviroShield today.