The Best Way to Achieve Creosote Odor Removal for Your Home or Workplace in Los Angeles, CA

The removal of creosote odor from your home or workplace in the Los Angeles, California, area is likely to be a challenge. Creosote is a chemical mixture that’s been widely used as a wood preservative, and if creosote-treated wood is present in a building inhabited by humans, the obnoxious smell is likely to be the first clue that it’s there. People often describe the pungent smell as similar to that of mothballs and begin searching for the best way to get rid of it.

While the creosote odor is unpleasant, removal of the potential health threat caused by creosote emissions is far more important. Creosote is used as a pesticide to prevent insect infestations of railroad ties, bridge timbers, utility poles, and other materials that sometimes are recycled for use in home construction or commercial buildings. Creosote-treated wood can give off fumes for decades, and creosote vapors have caused skin rashes, respiratory problems, and even permanent eye damage in humans. Government agencies also classify creosote emissions as a probable carcinogen.

Fortunately, EnviroShield has developed an effective creosote odor removal method that won’t require you to spend days scraping and sanding the surface of the creosote-treated wood you’ve discovered in your Los Angeles, CA, home or office. CreoShield™, an innovative coating that’s available exclusively from EnviroShield, can encapsulate the harmful creosote emissions, thus eliminating the odor and reducing the vapors to levels that are safe for human exposure.

CreoShield™ is also the best way to deal with the problems caused by creosote-treated building materials because it’s:

  • Competitively priced
  • Easy to apply
  • Available as a clear coating or in a practically unlimited selection of colors

Contact EnviroShield today for more information about CreoShield™ and how it can help you achieve speedy, effective removal of the creosote odor that’s pervading your home or business in Los Angeles, CA, or one of the surrounding communities.