For a Convenient, Effective Creosote Odor Removal Method that Won’t Break Your Back or Your Bank Account, Turn to EnviroShield

If the obnoxious chemical smell of creosote is driving you out of your home or workplace in Miami, you’ve no doubt discovered that creosote-treated wood has been used in the construction of your building and you’re in search of a quick, effective odor removal method. This is not a rare occurrence in coastal parts of Florida, where utility poles, dock pilings, and railroad ties have been treated with creosote to ward off termites and damage from high humidity and periodic flooding. Sometimes creosote-treated poles and planks are recycled as construction materials for residential and commercial buildings that are occupied by people, and the affected wood can give off fumes for decades.

If this describes your situation, the removal of the creosote odor is not your only concern. Government agencies have determined that human exposure to creosote emissions can cause a host of health problems, ranging from skin rashes and respiratory illnesses to the possibility of cancer.

An Application of CreoShield® Is the Best Way to Remove Creosote Odor

Fortunately, the best creosote odor removal method available on the market can also encapsulate the potentially harmful creosote emissions and reduce them to levels that are safe for human exposure. The solution to both problems is CreoShield®, an innovative coating available exclusively from EnviroShield.

This coating not only provides reliable results, but it also requires little preparation before application – only a power washing is needed. Contrast that to less effective solutions that require many hours of laborious scraping and sanding away the top layers of tainted wood, only to discover that the awful smell remains. CreoShield® is also competitively priced and available as a clear coating or in almost any color on the spectrum, so you’ll be able to blend it easily with your existing décor.

To find out how you can have this remarkable coating applied to the creosote-treated wood in your Miami home or office and enjoy speedy odor removal, contact EnviroShield today.