Have You Discovered Mold in Your Charleston Home? Choose the Abatement Solution that Prevents the Return of Mold

If you’ve discovered mold growing in your home or workplace in the Charleston area of South Carolina, you’re probably intently focused on getting rid of it in a hurry. After all, mold can cause extensive damage to a building, as well as create potential health hazards for people who live or work there. However, your plan of action should include more than just mold abatement – you’ll want to choose a solution that will also keep the mold from coming back.

EnviroShield – The Permanent Solution to Mold

Whether you’re looking for the best mold abatement method to include in a flood cleanup plan or you’re dealing with an ongoing threat of mold because of the ever-present moist conditions of a coastal area, EnviroShield has the most effective and convenient solution for you: Enviro-MT™. This innovative coating, available only from EnviroShield, offers a cost-effective alternative to property owners who have been advised to tear out and replace drywall, flooring, or ceiling tiles. Plus, unlike other mold cleanup methods, it not only kills the mold you’ve discovered in your home or office but also prevents future mold growth in the affected area by eliminating the moisture that mold needs to survive.

Advantages of Choosing Enviro-MT™ for Your Mold Abatement Project

Here are a few additional reasons to choose Enviro-MT™ for mold remediation and/or prevention:

Exceptional Warranty

When you have Enviro-MT™ professionally applied to the area of mold growth by one of our approved Applicators, you’ll receive a fully transferable 10-year warranty against the return of mold.

Less Disruption of Your Routine

An application of Enviro-MT™ can usually be completed in a day or two by one of our professional Applicators.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Enviro-MT™ is available as a clear coating or in just about any color you can think of, so you’ll be able to blend it easily with your existing décor.

For more information about the benefits of incorporating Enviro-MT™ in any mold abatement and prevention plan for your Charleston home, contact EnviroShield today.