Banish Mold for Good with Enviro-MT™, an Innovative Mold Abatement Coating from EnviroShield for Your Home or Workplace in the Miami, FL, Area

If you’ve discovered mold growing in your home or workplace in Miami, Florida, your immediate goal is probably to get rid of the unsightly spores as quickly as possible. However, any mold abatement plan you’re considering should also include prevention of mold regrowth. Fortunately, EnviroShield has a mold abatement method that not only kills the existing mold colony in your home or office but also prevents future mold spores from taking root.

EnviroShield – The Permanent Solution to Mold

Our proprietary coating, Enviro-MT™, is the permanent solution to mold because it targets one of the primary elements that mold needs to survive: moisture. When this innovative coating is applied to wood, drywall, concrete, or another porous surface, it creates a chemical bond that blocks moisture. Thus, Enviro-MT™ not only kills the mold that’s present at the time of application, but it also ensures that the application site won’t support any mold regrowth in the future. In fact, unlike other methods used in the mold abatement industry, our Enviro-MT™ is backed by a 10-year warranty against the return of mold when you invest in a professional application by one of EnviroShield’s approved Applicators.

Other Reasons to Turn to EnviroShield for Mold Abatement

Competitive Pricing

Enviro-MT™ is competitively priced and likely to cost far less than a mold remediation project that involves ripping out and replacing walls, flooring, or ceiling materials.

Ideal for Flood Cleanup

Our proprietary coating can be applied to damp (not wet) wood, which means you won’t have to risk warping the wood with the harsh drying techniques utilized by some mold abatement companies.

Adaptable to Any Décor

Enviro-MT™ is available as a clear coating or in just about any color on the spectrum, so the application site will blend in perfectly with your existing color scheme.

Contact EnviroShield today to find out how you can receive a professional application of Enviro-MT™ at your home or workplace in the Atlanta area.