Long-Lasting Mold Remediation for Your Home or Business in Boston, MA & the Surrounding Area

Mold Remediation Boston MAThere’s no shortage of mold remediation options on the market, as you’re likely to discover if an inspection at your home or business in Boston, Massachusetts, has identified a mold problem. Unfortunately, you may also discover that the remedies presented to you will be expensive and disruptive, possibly even requiring the removal and replacement of walls, flooring, or ceiling materials. And even if you pursue that option, there’s no guarantee that mold won’t return. That’s why, before trying those methods, you’ll want to investigate the innovative, effective, and reasonably priced mold remediation solution available exclusively from EnviroShield: Enviro-MT™.

Our Enviro-MT™ coating is a product that can be applied directly to virtually any surface affected by mold growth. Its proprietary formula first kills the mold that’s taken up residence in your home or workplace in the Boston, MA, area, and then it keeps on working to prevent mold from coming back. Our coating works better than other mold remediation solutions on the market because it deprives mold of one of the primary elements it needs to survive: moisture. It also bonds tightly to common porous surfaces, including concrete, drywall, and wood, so that it resists peeling and flaking, problems that can undermine the long-term effectiveness of other coatings. Some other features that make Enviro-MT™ stand out among mold remediation solutions include:

  • Easy application that can usually be completed in a day or two, so you’ll enjoy less disruption of your daily routine
  • Deterrence of termites and other insects that, like mold, enjoy a moist environment, so you’ll receive valuable protection against the damage these pests can cause
  • Availability in any color you prefer and three sheens – flat, satin, and high gloss – so that you’ll be able to choose a coating that blends with or enhances the look of your home or workspace
  • A fully transferable 10-year warranty against the return of mold when the coating is expertly applied by one of our approved Applicators, for an exceptional level of protection rarely found in the mold remediation industry

For more information about the benefits of using Enviro-MT™ to address the mold remediation needs of your home or business in Boston, MA, or a neighboring community, contact EnviroShield today.