The Cost of Mold Remediation Can Vary Widely, Depending on the Method You Choose

If you’ve discovered mold growing in your home or place of business, you may hit the panic button and call the first mold remediation company you find in an internet search. And that’s understandable because mold is not only a smelly and unsightly nuisance, but it’s also associated with a number of adverse health effects, including allergic reactions and aggravation of respiratory illnesses. However, your panic may turn to sticker shock when you find out how much mold remediation can cost. This is because some flood restoration and cleanup companies will immediately advise you to rip out and replace any drywall, flooring, and ceiling materials that have hosted a mold colony, and that’s a mold remediation solution that will likely cost you thousands of dollars.

Mold Remediation That Will Cost Less and May Be More Effective

Fortunately, there’s an effective alternative to drastic mold removal methods, and it’s likely to cost far less than tearing out building materials and replacing them. It’s called Enviro-MT™. This innovative coating, available exclusively from EnviroShield, can be applied to wood, concrete, and just about any other porous surface, where it will not only kill any mold that’s present but also keep it from coming back. In fact, when you have one of our approved Applicators professionally apply this remarkable coating, you’ll receive a 10-year warranty against the return of mold to the application site. And that’s a level of warranty protection that you’ll be hard-pressed to find available from any other mold remediation service provider.

Enviro-MT™ prevents mold regrowth by depriving mold spores of the moisture they need to take root and thrive. Our proprietary coating bonds tightly to porous surfaces, so it resists levels of water vapor transfer (WVT) that would cause other paints and coatings to fail, peel, and flake away. This not only helps our coating remain effective far longer than many competing products on the market, but it also works to deter termites and wood rot.

Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of using Enviro-MT™ and find out whether you can reduce the cost of mold remediation in your home or workplace with help from EnviroShield. We’ll also be happy to speak with any contractors who are interested in becoming approved Applicators for EnviroShield.